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Quality System Capabilities:

B&G has a highly innovative custom built Quality Management System (QMS) that is designed to meet the growing requirements for mission critical parts and medical implantable product as well as highly sensitive waiver handling components. The QMS supports:

  • pFMEA
  • SPC (including Cpk studies)
  • KANBAN/KAISEN and much more

The Quality Management System is designed to comply to:

  • Statutory and regulatory and International quality management system requirements
  • Addresses customer requirements
  • Customer complaints, feedback and Internal product realization protocols.

The sum of the above mentioned quality requirements are communicated in the quality assurance manual.

This quality assurance manual is the commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and continual improvement.

The quality management system is realized and governed by unique and specific quality processes designed to monitor all quality objectives. 

System Effectiveness:

The effectiveness of the Quality System is measured:

  • Real time and reported live on the Virtual Quality System Monitoring module
  • Bi-weekly through production meetings
  • Monthly through quality effectiveness meetings 
  • Yearly as a part of the Management Review



All personnel involved in the quality process activities are qualified and trained and have to pass a GATE test to ensure competency.
The product of all quality processes is recorded, documented, and monitored.
The results of the monitoring process are analyzed and inserted into a continual improvement loop.

Quality Processes:

Each quality process identifies a specific section of the quality management system, its relation to quality requirements, the appointed contact person, the process scope, the process monitoring method, input and output requirements, a flow diagram with a detailed description of the illustrated process sequence (as applicable), and the related quality procedures.

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