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Quality Statement

Our corporate wide goal is to create and maintain a new standard of effectiveness by utilizing systems and methods that are based on integrity, visibility and compliance to requirements.

The effectiveness of the quality management system is measured using 4 Key performance indicators.


Our Staff

The B&G Team

Daniel Datta

New Product Development

Peter Pichler, CQO

20 years of quality management system implementation

Dan Datta, CEO

25 years of product realization experience.

Key Performance Indicators:
  • On-time delivery
  • Lot acceptance
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Productivity                 
B&G Core Values
. Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Creativity, Commitment
. We believe in building close partnerships, and establishing tight alignments of interest, with our customer base and supply chain. We are invested together in the pursuit of a common streamlined manufacturing goal.  We have a team of dedicated professionals to deliver the manufacturing expertise and the experience necessary to build and maintain quality and valued partnerships.
Our heritage and partnerships are centered in the servicing of companies with the focus on critical components, where we identified a broad spectrum of opportunities ideally suited to our capabilities. We understand the challenges and demand that companies relying on critical component manufacturers face, and we are staffed and organized to support manufacturing teams as we build value together.

Dan Datta
Chief Executive Officer

B&G Precision Inc.

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